Many of you may not be aware that Aloha Images has an Instagram page. We also have a Facebook page but, we feel that Instagram is a much apt way to display the work that come through the gallery. The concept of an image alone, free from banner ads and scrolling comment feeds is a much better way to view art. At least on a mobile device. As always, we are very busy and regretfully do not post as frequently as many of our followers would like, but, a concerted effort is made to display the incredible work to drifts across our walls. Because we exclusively show originals, the gallery is constantly changing and we work to convey that sentiment through our social media and digital outreach. Please feel free to visit our Instagram page @alohaimageskauai We would love any feedback or ideas that you have to offer.     

Coming up on another Christmas

Aloha and Happy Holidays,

It has been a crazy year. Every time you turn on the T.V. there is another reason to be concerned. Even here on beautiful Kauai! However, Ray and Myself have the pleasure of being surrounded by absolutely incredible original art from 26 local painters as well as the multitudes of artists that reside in our little slice of paradise. To wake up everyday to the roosters crowing and the wind shaking the palms is truly a blessing that no news report could interfere with.

I would like to extend an invitation to anyone in need of a beautiful sunset, a relaxing day on the beach listening to waves crash, a tranquil amble through towering monkey-pod trees to stop by the gallery and enjoy a few moments of bliss. One could find peace by simply looking at a Carnabuci sunset or Valiere wave and allowing the mind to wander, reaching out to unknown territory and drifting off into the last glimpse of sunlight as day recedes into night and the stress of life fades away. If you cannot be with us physically, I hope that our photos can suffice. Please take a moment to inhale the calm of the Hawaiian stars and exhale the grind of everyday existence. From us here at Aloha Images to you, where ever you may be, enjoy the moment for it's beauty, as well as its mutability.

Aloha and enjoy the holidays    

New Valiere and Carnabuci original paintings

Aloha again,

I hope you are well.  This has been an exciting week at Aloha Images.  Steven Valiere dropped by with five new paintings to share with us.  As usual they are a blend of caricature and surf art done in his unique style. Every time he brings in a new piece I get that feeling of whimsy that is so often described to me by our clients!  Upon my first look at his paintings I can feel the whoosh of air against my skin and taste the slight tinge of salt water upon my tongue.  I am instantly transported to a fairy world of perfect, endless waves. I envision myself streaking down the crest of a wave, only to ride it all the way into the beach where my friends are waiting with music and a cold beer. Just for a moment existing in a place with no time and no obligations.  At the risk of sounding trite, this is what Art, and specifically Steven's art, makes me feel.  We all have moments, or hours in life where we get sucked into the hum-drum of existence, the round about nature of reality. These moments are unavoidable, and perhaps, when put together make up a significant portion of our lives. However, we must try to not let this be our lives! This is the struggle of all who are conscience of life.  To true power of art is its ability to transport of minds to a place of serenity.  This nirvana is why I love art.  I great painting allows access to this place at any time.  All one needs to do is look at the piece and away we go...


Merry Christmas from Aloha Images

At this time of the year we often find ourselves stuffed into stores, searching for just the right gift for our loved ones.  We stress about making sure that our Christmas tree is decorated, that the house is clean, about what to make for Christmas dinner. We worry about flights, traffic, and most of all money.  All of this worry only pulls us further from the true spirit of this time of year.  Instead of writing a post encouraging you to consider a beautiful and unique painting as a gift for your loved ones, I would like to use this space to suggest that, perhaps, the greatest give that you can give this year is already in your possession.  It is your presence!  This year, give the gift of love.  

On behalf of Aloha Images I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas filled with love and cheer.  Enjoy your dinner and the conversations with those whom you care for most!  Thank you for sharing your holiday happiness with us.  Have fun and I will see you next year!


Mele kalikimaka from Aloha Images